3 ways that bring joy - with Karen Hewitt

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About Karen

I am a registered nurse and midwife, who changed careers this year to become an international flight attendant. I grew up in Australia, moved to Auckland in 2011. I only came for five years and I am still here!

I am married with 2 children. I would love to say my life has been smooth sailing, but I have certainly had my waves and dumpings. I am a survivor of sexual abuse, domestic violence, near death experience, post-natal depression and raised a child with special needs plus more waves! These events have helped me to be a stronger woman and given me the desire to be kind to others. I was extremely lucky to have friends and family to assist me with my waves!

My life actually changed in December 2015...my five years in NZ was up but I wasn’t going back to Australia, instead I decided to start a charity after seeing Oprah! Oprah said do something that makes you happy! I got in the car that night and told my husband I was going to do something.... no idea what that something is!

The next day my son was having an operation, sitting in the lazy boy chair I thought about a charity that I was associated with in Australia, giving Pamper Packs to women experiencing challenging times. I thought why can’t I do something like that?

Just Because was created. We are a charitable trust that gives Pamper Packs to women experiencing challenging times, Care Packs to women living in temporary accommodation and education sessions to improve families well-being. The main aim behind our Packs is to remind women that they are not alone, people are there for them and you need to fill your own glass too!

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3 ways that bring joy

  1. My family, including my fur baby

  2. My amazing friends

  3. Giving to others

One thing people can do to contribute to a better, kinder New Zealand

Kindness: This is to be kind to yourself and others. On a daily basis I see people being unkind to themselves and others, there is no place for this in our society or world.

Kindness to yourself involves positive thoughts, filling your own cup and taking time out. I would lie if I said I have mastered this, I personally still struggle with self-kindness but I am working on it!

Kindness to others can be as simple as smiling at a stranger. It doesn’t have to be giving money. Sometimes the simple things in life make a difference. Just treat people the way you would like to be treated. I can’t believe bullying is still a part of our society. Stop and be kind, it costs nothing and can make a positive difference to your life and others.


Find out more about Karen’s charity Just Because here:

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