3 ways that bring joy - with Belinda Nash

Photo Credit: Jessie Casson

Photo Credit: Jessie Casson

About Belinda

Belinda grew up in a family with four children in Napier, and writing is something she has always done and always enjoyed. She remembers her Dad taking her stories into his office to be typed up, and winning a writing competition with a poem about Lake Waikaremoana in the Daily Telegraph at 6 years of age! From there Belinda would spend time writing plays, stories and poems whenever she could.

Following on from Napier Girls’ High School she studied at the University of Canterbury. She studied Music, Arts and Psychology, and co-wrote a book on Music. Whilst she was writing the book she studied Te Reo/Tikanga, Feminist studies, German history and French literature. She also was a DJ on student radio and it was this experience that led her to a job in Music TV working on Max and Juice as a producer.

Her first communications role was at Montana Wines as a communications advisor and she spent a few years with them honing her skills. Following this she moved to the UK where she spent six years in London and Brighton as a full-time writer. She worked for magazines, a parliamentary press office and as a speech writer.

On her return to NZ she worked at AUT as their communications manager and this gave her the opportunity to refine her interviewing and story-telling skills across a whole range of public policy and education topics. She also completed a Masters of Philosophy following months of study, attaining first-class honours.   She has written a novel and is very interested in auto-ethnography. Auto-ethnography is a self-reflective form of writing that explores personal experience and connects personal story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings.

She began writing and doing social media work for a small business agency, and from here took up an opportunity to be part of the team behind nzgirl the hugely successful online lifestyle magazine. In 2015 Belinda won People’s Choice Award and The Blog of the Year Award. For the last year she has been a full-time freelancer working on a range of writing and projects. You can find out more over on The Bella Edit (although she is the first to admit she hasn't put any time into this blog... yet!)

Belinda’s values are joy, abundance, love, freedom, health, compassion. Spending time in this incredible woman’s presence you certainly can feel all of these energies – and she is definitely using her amazing talents, kindness and compassion to raise the well-being of all souls on earth.

3 ways that bring joy

  1. Connecting with people – I just love spending time with people – my amazing group of friends or connecting with new people – I am hugely grateful for the people I get to meet in this journey of life. When my writing resonates and connects with someone and they let me know with a lovely message that just fills me with such joy – and it reminds me to keep being me – authentically!

  2. Writing– I’m at my happiest when I’m writing I feel so fulfilled – it really brings me a huge amount of joy to be writing.

  3. Animals – I just love the way animals can bring so many simple moments of joy into your day – whether its your cat or your dog, I love spending time with animals.

One thing people can do to contribute to a better, kinder New Zealand

Create your own values and live by them - spend some time working on your own values and then try to live your life by them. Especially values like being compassionate and showing compassion for others – this can make a big difference to the type of country we have and has a positive flow-on effect to everyone around you. Also reduce waste and recycle! There needs to be much more awareness of the waste issues facing our country and a big shift to us becoming more conscious consumers. A lot of people are unaware of the consequences of their purchasing actions and this needs to change.


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Cover Photo - Photographer Jessie Casson

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