Part 3 - Uncovering purpose - sustain local community & environment

Support your local community & improve your environment

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We’ve covered the first two reasons behind the Joy of Giving concept:

  1.  to support kiwi children and young people in need through Shine, Barnardos and The Kindness Institute.
  2.  to nurture whole-hearted connections and well-being

Community-focused, collaborative business models

My third reason behind Joy of Giving is to support our local community and improve our environment.  By choosing to support small local businesses and NZ made products wherever possible we can have a positive ripple effect on the well-being of our local community. Most of our suppliers are family-run businesses, with a strong social and environmental ethic that has an impact beyond their businesses.

“When you support small business, you’re supporting a dream." (Unknown)

There is a deliberate intention behind our supplier choices to help nurture and create circles of positive impact across our community. By choosing NZ suppliers you in turn support local people, local jobs and keep profits here in NZ. I’ve certainly been doing my part recently to keep money flowing through our economy as we set up Joy of Giving NZ 😉 It’s often said, and it’s so true – an actual person does a happy dance when you buy from a small business!  


Obviously just like anyone else I do make every-day purchases at chain stores however, whenever I can I really love to support local businesses and NZ made. There’s something that is sensory, tactile and comforting about products that are made by hand in small batches with a heap of love and care. It’s something that we focus on very much here at Joy of Giving NZ with our product and supplier choices.

“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” - Anna Lappe

In addition, local businesses give more back to their communities through their sponsorship of local schools, local sports teams and charities. So next time you see a local business with their logo on your school or sports team fundraiser make sure you choose to buy from them and recommend them to others to help keep this collaborative cycle of positive benefits continuing.

Living lightly

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I also have a real passion for community place-making and enhancing our natural environment – transforming spaces into places for people to enjoy and interact with one another. Our efforts with community, place-making, connection, empathy are so needed in this world where division, insecurity, disconnection & loneliness are so prevalent.

After years working in the environment sector it’s been so fantastic to see the phenomenal growth in eco-conscious consumers and businesses producing more sustainable products with reduced packaging over the last few years. Making good choices to reduce and reuse materials and becoming as energy efficient as possible are essential ways families and businesses can live lightly and leave a positive rather than negative impact on our environment. There is a growing awareness of the fragility of our planet’s ecosystems and the need for us all to do better to minimise our impact and protect our precious earth for future generations.

Thank you for your beautiful support – and for supporting the well-being and sustainability of your community and your environment. I’ve really enjoyed sharing the background to the concept of Joy of Giving NZ with you, and I’m SO EXCITED about what’s coming up next! More soon!

With love,

Naomi xxx


To find out more about collaborative business models

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