Part 1 - Uncovering purpose - support for kiwi children & young people in need

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Uncovering your purpose isn’t something that you can just do in a quick 10-minute brainstorm – it’s something that requires you to put the work in, to listen deeply and be open and receptive to signs around you – and then you will have a few “a-ha” moments as I have experienced over the past year. The Joy of Giving NZ concept is still evolving, being tested and refined during June 2018. But now there’s a strong sense of purpose that underpins the concept and much greater clarity than when I first started thinking about it.  

Joy of Giving is very much aligned to my heart and values for how I aspire to be in this world – it is a passion-based, purpose-driven initiative. After the birth of my second son I began to become involved as a volunteer where I learnt and gained so much from the wonderful people involved with building and strengthening our local community. 

With Joy of Giving, my desire is to step things up and work towards achieving a higher level of impact, both to raise awareness of our three charities’ issues and services, and raise much-needed funds. I have felt a strong call to action this year, to try and make more of a difference in our small corner of the world.

The Joy of Giving NZ concept has 3 parts to it:

1.    Support kiwi children & young people in need

2.    Nurture whole-hearted connections

3.    Support well-being of our community & environment with NZ based, local suppliers

In this journal post I cover the first part of our purpose. 

Support kiwi children & young people in need


This is my first and fundamental reason behind Joy of Giving. Reflecting on my own upbringing and especially once I became a mum myself, I am very aware that both myself and my own children experience a lot of love, care and opportunity which we can easily take for granted. In modern society it’s really easy to look externally and wish we had more than we already have. I want to teach my sons that it’s more valuable to give back and to contribute where we can, rather than seek out external, ego-based validation. Even a small impact from helping others can have a ripple effect, in ways that you may not even appreciate when you first start out.

We all desire New Zealand to be the one of the best places for children to grow up in. Children generally don’t have a choice with the circumstances life provides them with – so I have decided to focus my efforts on support for three organisations that make a real and positive difference in the lives of more vulnerable kiwi children and young people.

I did a lot of research and reading as I knew the best way for me to make an impact would be to support already-established, not-for-profit organisations. I discovered that Shine, Barnardos and The Kindness Institute all share similar, aligned values with the Joy of Giving NZ. In addition, they offer practical solutions to difficult issues, dedicated caring services and evidence-based approaches.

Combined these three charitable organisations provide a powerful platform to improve the lives of kiwi children and young people in need – and allow us all to dream big – to create safe homes for families free from domestic abuse, to enable every child in NZ to shine bright with love & confidence so they can fulfill their life potential, and to end the mental health crisis for young people in NZ and give our young people the tools they need to transform their own lives.  


Thank you for choosing to support our initiative by reading this first-ever Joy of Giving (JoG) Journal entry! Part 2 covers ‘nurture whole-hearted connections’ the second reason behind the Joy of Giving concept.

With love,

Naomi xxx

Naomi Craymer