A mountain to climb – three tips for winter goal setting

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A mountain to climb – three tips for winter goal setting

Do you find your goals elusive sometimes? The journey towards them can often feel like a steep climb up a mountain with a long way to go to reach the summit. You could be introducing new wellbeing habits such as healthy eating, more movement and better morning and evening rituals, setting boundaries around your use of technology, or you could be juggling the very real mental/emotional/physical load and stress that comes with managing work, business and family life. Whatever your situation it can sometimes, especially in these winter months, feel like an impossible task to get from where you currently are to where you aspire to be. Here are some tips to help you keep going along the path:

1.       Clarity on the end outcome

2.       Learning from the unexpected boulders that cross your path

3.       Enjoy the path you’re on  

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Clarify the end state

What is it that you are actually wanting to achieve? It may seem strange but I realised recently that I hadn't been very specific on the outcomes I was wanting to achieve in some of my wellbeing and life goals this year so it really was no wonder that progress towards them had been somewhat haphazard and lacking in direction. Once you have determined your goal – WRITE IT DOWN – there’s something about the writing process that gives your goal an energy and momentum behind it. And (naturally!) in my opinion you can never have enough journals for goal-setting, reflection and for your lists “to-be” as well as “to-do”. 


Lessons from the unexpected or negative experiences

Sometimes life throws a few boulders along the mountain path that can make you steer off course for a bit. They seem to appear from nowhere and make your goals seem that much more difficult to achieve. The path to the summit can seem at times completely beyond you. And then you stop to pause, to reflect. You become aware that the off-track moments have taught you so much and with a bit of space and time everything is unfolding exactly as it was meant to. And if it hadn’t been for the boulders the goals wouldn’t have meant so much to you as you reach them. Your perseverance to keep going and keep working towards your goals, despite the mountain boulders that are put in your way will be the difference between achieving them or not.    

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Enjoy the path you’re on

But as you clarify the end state, and learn from the obstacles it’s also important to remember sometimes you just need to be, fully present, in this moment. There’s a deep sense of joy that you experience from enjoying the path you are on right now. So set yourself loving goals. A stretch goal yes, but not one that serves as a punishment, send yourself into the field of growth beyond the comfort zone but not so far that you are falling off the edge and into the ravine below. You are in the actual process, experiencing the normal journey to any goal worth achieving and worth putting your heart and soul into.

Taking the next steps

Whilst my impatient nature is sometimes guilty of getting the better of me, for now I am enjoying my time on the lower slopes – the intrinsic beauty of the mountain daisies, the moments of serendipity, the support and encouragement from my tribe. I am grateful for you all. I’m sure the view from the summit is amazing, but it’s good to get the right tools in place before heading up there.  I am embracing this wild journey wherever it may take me and committing to the long path. I cannot wait to reveal in August what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months with the help of some super amazing people – stay tuned! 

Naomi Craymer