3 ways that bring joy - with Carol Herbert


About Carol

Carol grew up in Picton, Marlborough as a part of a close-knit family that loved sailing and outdoors living. The local sailing club became a second home and she has many happy memories of time spent on the water. Her parents were keen travellers and took her and her sister to Australia and Rarotonga and enjoyed travelling around NZ whenever they could. 

At 21 Carol headed over to Canada for a 3-month back-packing holiday with her best friend – 3 months turned into a year.  Her next move was to the UK where she met her husband.  They spent 9 years in the UK. During this time Carol worked in corporate sector including in the fashion industry – she was working incredibly hard and but felt a deep desire to find work that could also make a difference to society. This was a light-bulb moment for her and she began a quest to find value and purpose in working. She then secured a role at the Prince’s Trust which was an amazing introduction to the not-for-profit sector. Eventually Carol & her husband made the move back home to NZ, via a big trip in Africa, to begin the next stage of their lives.

In NZ Carol wanted to continue her career in the charity sector and secured a role at Hospice North Shore where she was involved in setting up the fundraising team.  It was hugely rewarding to be involved with such a passionate group of people and to see the team grow over the 17 years Carol was involved at Hospice. Last year she moved into her role at Shine, with a focus on community fundraising – a particular passion of Carol’s.  Within the community fundraising area she enjoys being able to connect with people that are truly committed to making a difference and giving back. She has a huge admiration for all the people involved in Shine and especially the Shine Volunteer Community Advocates who provide an amazing front-line service to give support and help others facing very challenging circumstances.  

Carol notes that when you’re involved in the not-for-profit sector work becomes like an extended family and your own family get heavily involved – the impact you are having is deeply motivating. For Carol it’s a huge privilege to be a part of Shine’s mission to make NZ homes violence free. (SHINE is an acronym for Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday) 

3 ways that bring joy

1.    Family

Being together with my husband and son, spending everyday moments together, I’m also really lucky to have my sister living 5 minutes away so we get lots of family time together. Everyone deserves a happy, loving family life and that’s what I want for all NZ families and why I was drawn to work for Shine.

2.     Friends

To have people around that you care about and you share the good times and the not so good times.  For me it’s the simple day-to-day connections of everyday life – spending time together and supporting one another. To be part of a community. 

3.    Being outdoors, near the water, on a kayak

I love being on a kayak with my son – you see things from a totally different perspective being on the water. The love of the water is something I got from my Dad. It really does allow you to be fully in the present moment.

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One thing everyone can do to contribute to a better, kinder New Zealand

Get Involved

Find something that interests you and get involved – it could be something related to your children, our environment, social issues. Volunteer your time, donate or support something financially – and become more involved in your community (Carol is also Junior Club Captain for Glenfield Rugby Club).

Thank you so much Carol for your wonderful responses. 


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Please note this interview was done in Carol's personal capacity but if you are interested in finding out more about Shine and their important work to end domestic violence in New Zealand please follow the link below:

Shine http://www.2shine.org.nz/

Links for Harbour Hospice and Coffee Lab for amazing coffee & service:

Hospice North Shore https://harbourhospice.org.nz/

Coffee Lab https://www.coffeelab.co.nz

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