3 ways that bring joy - with Julia Rose

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About Julia

I’m the fundraising manager for one of New Zealand’s biggest children’s charities: Barnardos. It’s important to me that I’m working each day to make our communities better, which is why I wanted to get into the not for profit industry. And I do feel that everybody here, no matter their position, contribute to our mission to make sure children have the opportunity to get the happy childhoods they deserve.

Outside of work, my main activities usually involve:  spending time with my friends and family, reading and I love being creative when I can. I believe that this downtime to recharge enables all of us to bring our full energy to work . I reckon we have the take the time to fill up our own “self-care bucket”. For me, this is writing, going for walks, hanging with my friends and painting.

I’ve always worked for charities because I wanted the hard work to mean something. I wanted to give back to the community and places like Barnardos were my top choice as my priorities were helping children and especially Kiwi kids, so when a role came up here, I jumped at the opportunity!

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3 ways that bring joy

  1. Laughter - there’s nothing better than a full belly laugh with my friends, family, partner or colleagues!

  2. Mornings - I also love my mornings and consider them sacred! I get up early so I’ve got plenty of time to do meditation, yoga and eat a nourishing breakfast.

  3. Walks in our native bush - Going for a beautiful bush walk with my partner would have to be a close third. We are so lucky here in New Zealand – there seems to be a pretty walk on every corner!

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One thing everyone can do to contribute to a better, kinder New Zealand

Give where you can

Giving not only helps the person receiving but also the person who is making that donation. I’m so grateful to all our donors and supporters, sometimes their generosity truly amazes me. 

Thank you so much Julia for your wonderful responses. 

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Please note this interview was done in Julia's personal capacity but if you are interested in finding out more about Barnardos NZ and the important work they do to support Kiwi children and give them the best opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential in life, please follow the link below:



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