3 ways that bring joy - with Carly Flynn

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About Carly

I’m Carly, a mum of three children, journalist, broadcaster, yogi, etc etc. I wear so many hats like all of us these days! I have been a journalist for over 20 years and I love nothing more than sharing stories of inspirational people doing cool things. I also love connecting people and helping others to reach their potential. In 2017 i became the owner of Positive Balance a yoga studio on Auckland’s North Shore. I bought it the night before our third child was born, because I figured if I owned a yoga business I could justify keeping wellness and me-time in my life! I love it when I see people arrive tired and stressed and leave calm and happy. That brings me joy.

My daily life changes depending on my workload, but in any given week I can be hosting a radio shows (I used to host Weekend Life on Radio Live), fronting a TV show, MC’ing an event, writing a column, producing my shows - or the mummy side of things just getting the house and kids sorted for their busy lives.

Lately I’ve been trying to work more mindfully, less frantic so my kids can see me modelling a bit more calm.

Mental health and wellness are very important to me. I’m finally working out that I can’t do everything and I have to prioritise a bit more.  Otherwise I crash. I work off a daily mantra where I achieve something, connect with someone and schedule some kind of enjoyment into each day. It’s great and it works!

3 ways that bring joy

I’ve recently started to reconnect with doing some of the things I loved doing in childhood, but had put on hold while having children and not prioritising “me time”.

  1. One of those is tennis, I absolutely love it, it gives me a bit of a high and is something just for me.

  2. I also love to be on my yoga mat, I find it hard to get there and to carve out the time, but never regret going and always feel like the class I end up doing was meant exactly for my state of mind or body at that particular time.

  3. A coffee in the sun or with my husband or friends is wonderful, as is when I’m with all three kids and they’re laughing. True mindfulness and joy.

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One thing people can do to create a kinder, better NZ

Just be kinder and more present - predominantly to ourselves. Talk to ourselves like we would a good friend, and stop the negative self-talk. We are enough and we all do our best. I always like to try and “walk in other people’s shoes” and smile. Plus mindfulness & yoga should be mandatory for all!

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