3 ways that bring joy - with Bex Lipp

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About Bex

After suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder along with bouts of clinical depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide attempts I found a psychologist who helped me to re-wire my brain using cognitive behaviour therpay.  It was almost twenty years ago when I was taught mindfulness and other skills to get better.  After my healing process was well underway and I started to recover, I discovered gratitude and incorporated that into my daily life.  It helped to change my thought pattern into a more positive space than previously. 

It then turned into my business which I started with my friend Nicky Perry.  We co-founded Awesome Inc three years ago and sold gratitude journals to help share gratitude with the world.  Last year I sold my shares out of the business, as gratitude has become such a massive influence and part of who I am, it really does show me what is important.  As much as I loved helping others through my work, I was wanting to spend more time with my family.  I have three boys 12, 9 and 6.  My middle son has autism and so we decided that homeschooling was the best option for our family.  We are very fortunate to own a massive home and so last year we invited our friends to move in and share it with us.  It has worked out so well and proven to me how much community and connection affects our mental health and wellbeing.   Our friends have two children who also home-school and so all four adults work together to help teach the skills we have to the children. 

We love the slow, simple life we have.  It is important for me to give my children a stable life, filled with love and most of all, freedom.  They get to choose what they want to do and learn along the way.  Being generous and compassionate is important to me, and so I want to teach this to my children. We do things like have no Christmas presents and instead my children give out supermarket vouchers to people who don't have a lot in their baskets on Christmas Eve.  It has been such a rewarding experience each year which my boys now LOVE!  Having more time on my hands since selling my shares in my previous business, I have been using my Instagram platform to share my stories and stand in my own truth.  Being vulnerable helps to foster connection and I feel that is my calling going forward.  I have just started a website where I plan to write and connect, with amazing women who want to be open, honest and vulnerable in order to heal and help others heal too. I feel we are meant to have a tribe, a real connection to something greater just just 'I' which gives us meaning and true joy.

3 ways that bring joy

I find joy in so many areas of my life since using gratitude regularly.  I now find the MOST joy in the simplest of things like:

  • Having a laugh with the adults in the evenings.  We usually enjoy a hour or so around the fire laughing about life.  So good for the soul.

  • Dancing to music that I love and having home 'dance parties' with the kids;

  • Doing something fun with my family, like archery or swimming. As connection not only with my family, but nature too, really fills my heart more than anything. 


What is one thing could people do/be to contribute to a better, kinder New Zealand?

Start in your home.  Show your children how to be generous, share and give to others.  I like to show my children by 'doing' rather than just 'telling' them.  I always offer to help eldery in the supermarket, now my children do too.  We put trolleys away for them or help them load their cars.  From time to time I have offered to pay for the person in front or behind me in shops, in front of my children, so they see and also enjoy the gift of giving.  If there is someone collecting money, I give the coins to the children to put into the buckets, so they get that awesome feeling again to give.

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