3 ways that bring joy - with Jo Falloon

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About Jo

I grew up on a farm in Cambridge, with 6 kids in the family there was always something going on, lots of laughing (and scrapping).  We were pretty much the Brady Bunch with 3 boys and 3 girls!  I loved growing up in a farm - there was always a new adventure awaiting.   I still love going back to our family farm now with our 2 boys who are 9 and 7, they never want to leave - but are always happy to be home in Pt Chev too with the beach at the end of our street.

When I finished school I did Psychology for a year at Waikato University where I met Mike (I didn’t realise at the time that we would meet in London 10 years later and end up getting married!)

Then I transferred to Auckland to do a Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in Occupational Therapy).  When I finished I travelled overseas for about 6 years working in different hospitals around the UK from the Isle of Wight to Cornwall.  I managed to spend lots of time in the snow while I lived overseas - in France and Canada.  Mike and I did some fun adventuring through South and Central America too.

I was 30 weeks pregnant when Mike and I returned to NZ.   A few months after I had our second baby a couple of really good friends and I met up for a wine and by the end of the night we had made a plan to start a business - and honeywrap was born.  I had been working as an OT at the Concussion Clinic but was on a years maternity leave.  At the start all our kids just played around us while we worked or we worked in the evenings- it was pretty chaotic back then!!

I have always loved being out in nature and feel passionate about protecting it.  The increasing amounts of plastic floating around in the ocean has always worried me, the problem can seem overwhelming so creating something that is part of the solution to this problem is hugely satisfying and it's so exciting to see people get on board and help to reduce the amount of single-use plastic going into landfill and our waterways/the ocean.

3 ways that bring joy

Really simple things bring me joy!! 

  • Sitting out on our deck first thing in the morning having a coffee.

  • Doing any kind of exercise out in nature - on the water or in the bush.

  • Listening to my husband and kids playing music together (I wish I could join in but I have no musical talents!!)

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What is one thing could people do/be to contribute to a better, kinder New Zealand?

Being mindful of the rubbish we create every day and trying to make one little change to reduce it would contribute to a better NZ.

You can find out more about the amazing honeywrap here.

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