Our charities

100% of Joy of Giving profits are donated to New Zealand charities. 

The Joy of Giving exists to give back – it’s our passion and our purpose. Your support of our events and purchase of our gifts contributes to our shared aspiration for New Zealand to be the place where everyone can grow up knowing kindness. We have carefully selected registered charities that align with our core purpose and values, with a focus on those that support kiwi children & young people growing up here.

It can often feel overwhelming thinking about the scale of the problems facing our society - child and domestic abuse & neglect, youth suicide, mental health, anxiety, depression and addiction issues. That is why we have chosen to support established charitable organisations that deal with the root causes of these issues. They have the experience and track-record to deliver services that directly benefit New Zealand children, young people and their families. They do amazing work every day to improve life for kiwi children & young people, and combined provide a powerful platform to make a difference for those in need. We also include charities that support the restoration of our unique natural environment and that supports women recognising the unique role that women have in giving, building family and community wellbeing.

We will make donations before the end of financial year and publish the results, in our first year we donated just over $2000 to NZ charities.


You are sharing the joy of giving 

Thank you for being part of our community. Click on the links below to find out more about these charities and why we support them.

Shine – we have personal connections with Shine through their volunteer Shine advocates so we know first hand the difference they are creating in our community to make homes safe for kiwi children and their families, and to put an end to domestic abuse in NZ.

Barnardos NZ – our Granny was one of the first volunteers for Barnardos in NZ (in Mangere, Auckland) helping young mothers with important life skills and we love their vision to enable all kiwi children to reach their full potential and shine bright through their childhood with compassionate support focused on what children and families most need.

The Kindness Institute – we really want NZ to be a great place for young people to grow up in and for young people to know how to deal effectively with anxiety, stress and build their own self-acceptance and resilience. The mahi of The Kindness Institute (and its name!) is very aligned and we love the work they are doing through Atawhai and their programmes to give young people the tools to transform and empower lives, and to end the mental health crisis in NZ.

Big Buddy – as parents of 3 boys we know the importance of good male role models in our boys’ lives. We love the work Big Buddy does in our community to mentor young boys (as well as support often female sole mothers/caregivers) and empower kinship and companionship with positive male role models for fatherless boys in NZ.

Women’s Fund – our work is all about giving with compassion and kindness and the Women’s Fund is developing a community of women who give with generosity and empathy to empower other women and girls. It’s so aligned with our values.

Just Because – we love the work Just Because does in our community and we share similar purpose and values. As a small local charity Just Because supports and empowers women experiencing challenging times and is a beautiful initiative to help others in need and to give back with kindness.

Trees that Count – as a local advocate for place-making and living lightly we love the work of Trees that Count and Project Crimson to create healthy ecosystems with more native trees together with their support for local community eco-restoration projects. Kindness for ourselves includes kindness for our earth, and we look forward to our children and the native trees we support through Trees that Count growing up together.