Joy of Giving is a small NZ family business with a big heart, dedicated to nurturing wellbeing. We believe that our wellbeing grows with kindness, compassion & joy.

Our vision

Our aspiration is for New Zealand to be the place where everyone grows up knowing kindness

At Joy of Giving we believe that community wellbeing grows with kindness.  Our mission is to increase kindness, compassion and joy here in Aotearoa/New Zealand. We want to contribute to New Zealand being the place where kiwi children and young people can grow up knowing kindness – within their homes and communities. Our services and gifts nurture heartfelt connections and care for yourself, for your family and friends, within your workplace and wider community. 

Our values

The Joy of Giving stands for:

being kind

love and kindness in action for self, loved ones and our community

being compassionate

show compassion, respect and care for one another, lift others up, build a collective spirit of generosity

nurturing whole-hearted connections

cherish whole-hearted relationships - see, hear & value people without judgement,

hold space for others, collaborate

enhancing joy

find & experience joy in daily life, nurture health & happiness, practice gratitude, be mindful

living lightly

live simply, slow down, reduce waste/resource use and reuse wherever we can